Interview with Barbara L.

Learn how Barbara went from feeling weak and sick every month around her period to feeling healthy and confident with her 5th pregnancy and managing the health of her 4 kids.

“Dr. Ji Woon has given me the best consultation experience i have ever had with doctors.  She listens proactively, follows through attentively, and provides real care for her patients holistically.  

I started working with Dr. Ji Woon myself when i was pregnant.  I was suffering from a condition throughout my pregnancy that could only be temporarily relived by the prescription from my OB.  I sought Ji Woon for help and after following her recommendation, i felt significantly better the next day and the condition was “gone” within a week and for the rest of my pregnancy.

I brought my older son to Dr. Ji Woon when he was having a diarrhea for a few days.  Again, my son’s symptoms were relieved within 24 hours after following her recommendation.  When my younger son, who is a newborn, was having quite severe baby acne, following Jiwoon’s advice, his skin showed significant improvement in 3 days. Now he has soft, smooth baby skin.

Dr. Ji Woon is helpful, approachable and fair.  You feel safe and welcome to share your concerns with her openly.  I highly recommend Dr. Ji Woon to anyone who is either looking for a cure to something, or is looking to live a healthier life!”

Sarah Y.

“I have been seeing Dr Jiwoon Min for a number of months relating to hormone imbalances. Not only am I feeling much more in balance, I’ve also experienced some much needed weight loss and no more bloating. Jiwoon’s approach is caring and thorough. I also love that she works in tandem with my GP.

My teenage son has also seen her and she was instrumental in getting to the route of his health issues and also the perfect professional for him to receive valuable health advice from.”

Claire M.

“We went to see Dr. Jiwoon for my daughter’s eczema. She was suffering from flare ups on various parts of her body and the itchiness was affecting her sleep and quality of life. She was also suffering from dry skin everywhere. We had tried every natural cream under the sun, but I knew the change had to come from her diet. I was nervous but Dr. Jiwoon made it easy and gave us the confidence to try. She added vitamins and probiotics to Kaia’s routine as well as providing some homeopathic remedies. Within two weeks the eczema was significantly soothed and now, after a couple months, it is pretty much gone. I look forward to our next appointment. Talking with Dr. Jiwoon is always a pleasure and her kind demeanour makes me feel cared for. I also like the way she set us up with a long term goal and plan right from the start, that considered our whole family’s needs, even though technically my baby is the patient. Highly recommend a visit if anything feels off in your body!”

Katie D.

“I had been diagnosed with PCOS but never been given any advice on how to overcome it. I had previously gone to a OB-GYN, worried that my PCOS was the reason we weren’t getting pregnant- and he had prescribed me Clomid despite my BBT chart showing that I was ovulating. I never took the Clomid as after I left, I did my own research and decided I should have never been prescribed it in the first place.

We started actively trying in January 2020. It was pretty stressful not being listened to by medical practitioners and I was becoming obsessed with researching, buying and trying out products that probably were having no effect on me whatsoever- or perhaps even a detrimental effect! I also wasted a lot of money on products that were pointless. Once we did get pregnant but we miscarried at 11 weeks. 

I started seeing Dr Min just after my miscarriage in May 2020. We were pregnant 1 month later 🙂 I feel like, unlike many medical professionals, I was really listened to. I wasn’t ever rushed out the door, or quickly prescribed some drug just to shut me up. Dr Jiwoon really took her time to explain everything to me in detail. She explained exactly what she was prescribing and what the effect of those things would be. Her manner is totally different from a “normal” medical practitioner. You really can feel that she cares about each of her clients on a personal level. You are never made to feel like you are asking a silly question and she just has a really calm and respectful manner when she speaks to you. She also values your whole wellbeing- mental, emotional, spiritual etc. 

I am now pregnant and in my 2nd trimester. Woohoo!”


“Jiwoon has helped me with trying to get pregnant after my own trial and error for six months. Her down-to-earth, warm charisma always made me feel heard and embraced. By looking at my blood work, she helped me identify subclinical hypothyroidism. After a month of working with her and following her guidance, I got pregnant! I now have a daughter that I so fiercely love and adore.”

Caroline K.

“I now have more energy. Lost the energy slump after lunch. Generally feel better in myself. I have brought my husband along on the journey and also my children are benefiting from a lot of the insights I have gained from working with her. I also lost weight and feel more positive and less stressed/anxious.”

Annabel W.

“After working with Jiwoon, miraculously, my breast tenderness ceased and my indigestion improved greatly. I also lost weight, generally felt better in my body, less aches and pains in my knees and muscles, had more energy overall.

I also appreciate your encouraging, professional and also gentle character – overall I would say you are a very inspiring leader and healer. Thank you.”

Kylie U.

Dr. Jiwoon has helped me tremendously to manage my hand eczema. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she’s also very warm and I felt her genuine concern every time we talked. She’s not just prescribing solutions, I truly felt she walked by my side as I went through my healing journey. She is truly a great listener and able to meet me where I am, while remaining very objective. The treatment plan is very clear and I certainly knew that was the kind of support I need. Thank you Dr. Jiwoon!

Ice C.

“When both my son and I came down with Hand Foot Mouth, I wanted a natural approach to treatment rather than prescription drugs, which didn’t even exist. I gave my son the medicines prescribed by Jiwoon and I swear the blisters looked like they were drying up after just one dose! My son recovered very quickly as did I and I was happy to use a method that was gentle yet very effective. Jiwoon has a playful and warm approach with kids making us all feel at ease. Jiwoon will always be my first port of call for family illness and I have recommended her to many friends already who have also seen success with her natural approach.”

Sylvana L.

“My 10 month old daughter was having coughing and vomiting that caused her to throw up 2-4 times a day. We went to see a doctor who prescribed 4 medications but she was not getting any better. After seeing Dr. Ji Woon Min and following her suggestions, her runny nose improved and she had a good night sleep for the first time in a week. The vomiting stopped in a few days and she started coughing less and less. We have switched her formula because every time she drinks milk her cough got worse. I’m happy to see my happy child again. I highly recommend working with Dr. Ji Woon. She has been very supportive during a very stressful time.”

Grace L.

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